Shomi Noise is a writer, musician, DJ, storyteller, dreamer, and tinkerer with an established reputation in the Brooklyn underground scene. Her work explores narratives of intersectionality, vulnerability, and resilience. She uses music to share empowering messages with the world through a creative mix of genres and sounds.

Shomi is the lead singer of a Selena Quintanilla punk tribute band called Amor Prohibido which was featured in the Village Voice. She is currently working on original singer/songwriter material as well.

Shomi has DJed nationally and internationally and her sets include a clever mix of genres ranging from Latin dance music, hip-hop, electrohouse, reggae, pop, punk rock etc. Her ability to read crowds and effortlessly create catchy and original song mashups on the spot makes her DJ work interesting and highly refreshing. She currently produces two parties in Brooklyn: Riot Chica and Telenovela. Riot Chica is a queercore/riot grrrl party that celebrates feminism and DIY culture by sharing empowering underground music made by ladies and queers, while Telenovela is a new party for Spanish oldies.

Shomi is the author of “Building Up Emotional Muscles,” a coming of age story that incorporates music and storytelling to depict the struggles and triumphs she experienced growing up as a young queer immigrant woman of color in the US. It explores the intersectionality of culture, race, class, sexuality and punk rock and is based on a series of zines sharing the same title. She’s had the opportunity to share this original work as part of Heels on Wheels, an organization of radical queer femme performance artists that tours across the US and Canada. She is currently working on the 4th and last volume of the series and hopes to one day make a movie or play about it. Shomi’s work is best described as unique, sassy, musically eclectic, and fun. She is deeply committed to spreading messages of self-love, empowerment, social justice, and community building.

For bookings contact shominoise.bookings@gmail.com