These are the websites of some people near and dear to me and/or who I admire greatly:


Being part of this group is such an honor, these ladies seriously changed my life. The work that Heels On Wheels does is super inspiring, thought provoking, feminist and rad. Check us out:

budget nomad

For those who love tips on traveling, Jess Powers has this great blog about it, check it out:

cartoon fricasse

These are awesome cartoons drawn by my brilliant friend Katie Fricas:


For Vegans and Food lovers in general, my pal Marina has a vegan hotdog pop up cart, where she sells the most amazing and delicious homemade organic vegan hotdogs. You need to try them.


Marimacho is a fashion line of clothing and accessories for the unconventionally masculine. This is the vision and creation of Brooklyn-based duo Crystal González-Alé and Ivette González-Alé, who are also the producers of the Azucar! Parties.


Speaking of Fashion, Nicolette Mason is a contributing fashion editor and columnist at Marie Claire, as well as the host of the Big Girl in a Skinny World web series on Hello Style. She is such a femmespiration to me, this is her personal fashion blog:


Heather Acs is one of my sheroes, her work is some of the most inspirational material I’ve ever experienced. She is a performance artist, activist, curator, educator, high-femme troublemaker, and so many other amazing things.


Yet another one of my role models, Damien Luxe is a Badass with a capital B. She writes, she does performance art, makes music, creates websites, curates shows, drives motorcycles and vans. She is the epitome of Femme Fatale. These are some of her websites:

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 12.30.52 PM

Bevin Brandlandingham is a guru of self-love and empowerment, she is a party producer, a writer, a lawyer, and an all-around fabulous entity. This is her blog: